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Come play Fool The Game!

Release your inner self, dare to be a fool.Buy Fool The Game
About Us

Fool is an acting and guessing card game equally as fun at Sunday lunch as it is at 3am!

How to play

1. Get your hands on Fool The Game

2. Open your box for the grand reveal

3. Shuffle each deck of cards

4. Select one of each and pair your cards

5. Act out your cards. Don't be afraid to be a fool!

6. Once guessed, the next player takes their turn.

You'd be a fool not to!

Inside each box you will find 200 scenario cards and 200 location cards.

Shuffle your cards for extra quirky pairings!

Select ONE scenario and ONE location card. Dont show anyone your cards and act these out to the group.

Players may act, scream, speak and describe as long as the words on the card are not used

Still confused? Ask Montana how to play...

Wild Magazine

The game’s strength is in the absurdity of the card combinations; it’s impossible not to laugh watching your friends trying to act out “asking for a divorce” “in a mosh pit”.

Charlie Hale
Editor of Wild

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$8 shipping? Vibe.

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